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We do everything in-house at our brick-and-mortar pro shop located in downtown Twin Falls, ID. Selling to anyone and everyone interested in the sport of archery, we invite anyone interested in shooting to come in and let us help you. From national archery champions to kids, we have the experience to help everyone hit the mark

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First, we get to the bottom line of what you're looking for in your equipment set up. We find out if the equipment is going to be used for hunting, competitive shooting, or purely recreational.


Then, we move on to the budget you have in mind in mind. We'll help you find the best and most comfortable build for your needs and your budget. We put every option we have on the table so a person can find the perfect bow for them.


Once we have those two things established, we can start shooting! New shooters are taught the basics and fundamentals of shooting a bow.

Indoor archery range and techno hunt

Our Indoor Archery Range

The largest benefit to shooting at an indoor archery range is being in a controlled environment. Wind, rain, snow, and lighting are not an issue in an indoor setting, so you can practice your marksmanship safely and comfortably. Especially during the winter months, it feels great to get out of the cold and keep shooting year-round.

Rent the archery range

We offer the downstairs range for events and parties. Pricing is by quote only — contact Caleb at the shop for more information.

The (competitive) Techno Hunt

Techno hunt is a big boy’s video game. It is video footage of animals that the archer shoots with his bow and arrows. The system tracks the arrow and keeps track of the score.

We have a Fall, Winter and Spring league — we host leagues during the winter. Shooters schedule a time and day to shoot. Once a week they shoot their score, and awards go to the highest score at the end of the league. We also host a team event during the leagues. Contact the shop for more information.

Read More about techno hunt

Top Of the Line Gear

helping you with the hunt of your dreams

Having the right gear can make or break your hunt or tournament. If your equipment is not set up correctly for you, it will not perform correctly for you. We specialize in proper bow fit and make sure your gear is tuned to perform at its best. Having a bow properly fitted and tuned also helps improve your accuracy! If a bow is not tuned correctly it will not be very accurate or forgiving for a shooter. When the pressure is on and winning is at stake having your equipment properly maintained and tuned can make all the difference.

The wrong choice in hunting gear can make the hunt of your dreams into a nightmare. We are also extremely knowledgeable about the best hunting gear on the market. From boots to packs we can help you make the best choices to fit the style of hunting you do. We use what we sell and have real in-field experience with the products we carry. Having the right equipment for the hunt can make the experience more enjoyable.

Archery Targets and Bow Cases

You need a target to practice shooting! We offer a large selection of targets, from basic bag targets designed for use with field points to the best foam block targets for use with any style tip.

You also need to protect your equipment, and having a good case is the only way to do it. For bow cases, we have everything from a basic soft case to a fully insured lifetime warranty TSA-approved case for your equipment.


Archery Instruction

Who needs instruction and why?

It’s too common for hunters to hunt without complete confidence in themselves. This leads to failed hunts, and worse when animals are not respectfully harvested. To avoid this, we are coming alongside hunters to teach the basics that make a practical difference in the field.

We take technique seriously and make sure you master the fundamentals, laying the foundational habits that let you become a great archer.

Beginning archers stand to gain the most from our classes with Michael. He starts with the fundamentals of shooting and works with each archer to have a better understanding of the importance of why doing things the proper way benefits your shooting. Having proper form while shooting helps reduce the chance of injuring yourself or others.

As shooter's skill sets to advance, Michael is great about helping them move on to the next skill level.

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